Thursday, February 5, 2009

A New Look

Although I love the classy background that Meggie and Teresa picked for me initially, as I write more and more about my zany, crazy daughter and her shenanigans, I felt like black and white polka dots were a little too tame for the material. I have selected another background which, in my estimation, reflects the quirky life that we lead a bit more. Plus, since I learned all about color from Teresa in the first place, I knew she'd understand my struggle with the family picture being mostly in shades of blue on a black background. I don't know if this will be my ultimate background choice, but I'm trying it on for size.


meggie (: said...

Love the new look! It is very you (:

Teresa =) said...

Oh, I like it!! While I chose the black and white to illustrate the classy chick I find you to be, I agree that the blue tones in the picture DID clash a bit with the black-and-white background!

If you're looking for votes, looks like you've got two already!

Teresa =)