Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sophie's Coney Island Adventure

On Saturday, Aunt Michelle (or Shell as Sophie calls her) took our little princess to Coney Island for her work's Summer Picnic. Mommy was invited, too, but decided to opt out this time since that would be a whole lot of walking for an 8 month pregnant woman. We don't need Eliot to come just yet. At first Stink Bug was a little apprehensive of the situation.
But once she got out of the stroller and started making friends, she had a blast. Incidentally, Aunt Teresa also works with Aunt Michelle, so Molly and Carson were along for the day. Sophie and Molly were fast friends.
Then, she started to get to know her second cousin Hunter.... If she's this lovey on boys she's just met who she's related too, what's going to happen when she gets older and meets real boys? We may have to lock her up earlier than we thought....
Who could resist this face?
Showing off her dance moves...
And riding rides with her volleyball friend Talia.
All this fun sure wears a little girl out.

Thanks, Aunt Shell for including Stinkerbell in your family's Coney Island Adventure (and for the pictures).

Friday, September 11, 2009

Skinny Me??

How is it possible to lose weight while pregnant? I've been feeding into all of my cravings, including ice cream in all forms, cheesburgers, and steaks, but I'm not only not gaining. I lost 2 pounds from my weigh in last week. The baby is in great shape - hearbeat strong, measuring large for the week that I'm in - so my OB says there's nothing to worry about. As the baby (and my boobs) increase in size and I decrease in my neck, legs, arms, I'm starting to love my prego profile.

Add this to the fact that my massage therapist seems to have found the key to keeping my back pain-free and I'm enjoying this pregnancy immensely now. Starting to get sad that I only have 6 more weeks.
Of course, I'm going to be totally screwed after the baby comes when I can't give up the cheeseburgers and ice cream, so I'm just going to have to enjoy it to the fullest right now :-)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet, Silly, Stubborn, Smart Sophie

As I may or may not have mentioned before, since Daddy stopped working outside the home a few weeks ago, Sophie has been Mommy's best friend. She's so snuggly with me lately, I'm loving it.
She's also spontaneously kissing the belly/baby....
And listening to hear him moving.
For those of you that know my husband, he's a big goofball. Not in a Jim Carey or Jack Black kind of way, but in the cute, silly way. He's starting to rub off on Sophie.
Danger Will Robinson! Danger Will Robinson!
Jumping and dancing with Lucky (while Lucky stares at her with a quizzical look).
She's really aware of when pictures are being taken of her and always wants to view the screen afterward. She'll smile for photos, like this one which looks like a school photo.
And she wants me to take pictures of her special things. Like her new Vera Bradley backpack (which I bought at a yard sale for only a fraction of the cost).
But then, you can catch her randomly doing things which kinda just make us go 'HUH??'
Like pulling every pair of my underwear out of the (clean, thank God) laundry basket and putting them on over her head. Like I said, she gets it from Daddy.
Sophie has also been on a cleaning kick lately. Whenever she gets her hands on a tissue, paper towel, napkin, washcloth or baby wipe, she runs around wiping off any surface she can get her hands on. Even the couch.
It's actually kinda nice sometimes, like when we got our new china cabinet last week and I wanted to keep her occupied while I transferred over our finery. She polished the outsides and drawers of both the old and new like a pro. It was super cute.
The other day I came home from work to find Sophie and Daddy in the front yard kicking around a ball. Apparently she woke up that morning asking for a ball and wouldn't let it go until Daddy took her to Walmart and bought her one. It is her new favorite toy. She insisted I get a picture (look how proud she looks) and that we take the ball with us to run errands.

Sophie is also determined to figure out how to get into (and out of) seatbelts. Her carseat, her stroller, her highchair, shopping carts...Nothing is safe. We caught her trying to practice on Mr. Green. Do you see the frustration in her face?

She is getting pretty close, though. I guess we need to be really careful from now on....
So the moral of the story? Sophie is all that the title implies. Sweet. Silly. Stubborn (and determined). Super Smart. My Sophie.