Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Beautiful

Although Daddy has a degree in photography, he doesn't often take shots of people. The cottontail, the smoke stack, the treads on a tank - these are the visions that inspire him. So, when it comes down to functions where it's not really convenient for Mommy to carry the camera, like my little sister's, (Aunt Nikki), wedding in May where I was a bridesmaid, we often just don't get any pictures. Well, I never thought I'd say it, but Thank You Facebook. Daddy opened up an account for us (something I've been very happy NOT to have as of yet) so he can keep in touch with our friends who've been addicted for years. While checking it today while I was waiting for a file to download at work, I came across my neice Ashley's photo page and some pictures she had of the big day. I absolutely love this shot of our little dancing machine. You're eyes are so beautiful, and definitely Daddy's.
When you're 7 months pregnant, you don't often feel things other than tired, fat, lopsided, and uncomfortable. I didn't realize how beautiful I looked at Aunt Nikki's wedding. Not to sound conceited or anything. I snagged some of my favorite pics of prego glam me, from both Aunt Nikki and Ashley.
Three of my four sisters - the fourth being the bride, and all four sisters with sister-in-law Tina.
And all six siblings together.
See...big can be beautiful :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Day Care

On Friday, August 14, Daddy got laid off. It was only a matter of time before the downshifted ecomony caught up with us, as it had to a large percentage of the American public, especially since Daddy worked for such a small family owned business. While some 8 month pregnant women might be freaking out about this development, we had the foresight to prepare a bit for this, and paid down some debt - including eliminating our remaning car payment. We have essentially downsized ourselves to be a one income family already. So while Daddy stays home and works on finding another form of employment, some very exciting home inprovement projects, and some personal artistic projects of his own, he is also taking care of Sophie.
As if they weren't already best buds, now, Sophie gets to see Daddy all day long. She's always been a good and happy baby, but her demeanor, her manners, her listening skills and her affection for Mommy have all increased dramatically during Daddy's work hiatus. Daddy seems alot happier, too. I've been able to switch my schedule, since I was the daycare-dropper-offer, to an earlier 7:30 to 4:30 schedule, but some days I try to work through lunch so I can even leave earlier and get back to my very happy home. I love spending time with you both, and am very pleased that you are getting this opportunity for some togetherness before little brother comes along. Selfishly, I even hope that Daddy doesn't find employment until the first of the year so that we can all take maternity leave together. I love you Stinky, I love you Husby, and I can't wait to meet you Eli! I'll leave you today with a photo montage of some of my favorite Daddy daughter pics over the last year and a half.

Can you tell what Daddy's favorite shirt was last summer?

Dearest Daddy had better be taking some pictures of the fun you guys are having at home together!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Molly Dolly and the Pool

Last Friday evening, our family trekked to the Greater Cincinnati Airport to await the return of Teresa and Kevin with the new addition to their family, Molly. When we got to the de-boarding area, Sophie was very pleased to find some kids close to her age to play with. A rousing game of Duck-Duck-Goose ensued.
But wait, Mommy....Something's missing....
Yes, blankie had to join her. The game was short lived because the plane landed. As everyone huddled around the Exit to get a glimpse, Sophie used the opportunity of being lost in the shuffle to ditch something...
Notice a distinct absence of shoe? The shoe queen who's always trying to abscond with and wear Mommy and Daddy's shoes won't keep her own on in public. Go figure. As Molly was being introduced to her new big brother, Sophie decided to sneak into the circle and get a better look at what all the fuss was about. At one point in time, she even poked Molly in the chest to see what she was made out of.
Molly was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and the attention, and the 24 hours of travel they had just completed, so we didn't get a chance to really hang out that night. On Sunday, Aunt Michelle had another pool party at her house to finish off summer since her girls started back to high school this week. It took a while for Molly to open up to us. Here's a picture of the crew trying to get her to join us in the pool.
Eventually she took the plunge.

Sophie getting some attention of her own from Aunt Michelle, G-ma and Aunt Nikki...

Sophie, do you smell something funny?
Sophie loves the water so much she generally has to be dragged out of it. Forget meals or naptime. Well, all the fun got the better of her....

And she fell asleep in the pool. G-Pa and Aunt Michelle just pulled the raft out and set in on the side of the pool and we covered her up with a towel. She didn't even seem to mind the ring that was under her head. She slept for a little over an hour like this. We all had a great relaxing time to end the summer. Thanks Aunt Michelle!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vocabulary Mary

New words this week include:
Gucky - for our dog Lucky
Bankie - Blankie
Peas- Please - often associated with the previous word Milk
Janes - James, her daycare buddy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Momma Bear and Baby Bear

Sophie LOVES being on Mommy's bed. Maybe because it's one of the few places that she can't climb onto on her own, or maybe because she's rarely ever allowed in our room. Regardless, any time I'm sorting laundry, I ask her if she wants to come and play on Mommy's bed.

Look how happy she is! Well, the other night Daddy went out with his friend Ken for some boy time and I offerred to let Sophie hang out with Mommy on the bed until he got home. After a quick tooth brushing - of which she is also quite a fan - it was time to hunker down for the night.
I just couldn't resist getting a shot of her leaning against Daddy's pillows and reading her book while I read mine. It was too cute. Sophie, give me your Top Model look...
Sophie, will you give your little brother a kiss?
Yes, that's my big ole belly that she dove into for a big smooch. I leave you now with a picture of her Goofy impression. Proof that no shoes, not even Daddy's, are safe from shoe-obsessed Stinky.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Does Pisces Mean Fish?

Okay, so that's a hypothetical question....I know that the symbol for Pisces is fish. Sophie is a Pisces, being born on February 22. I had no idea how true to her sign she would be. She loves anything water. You whisper the word 'bath' and she's off like a light into the bathroom with one leg swung over the tub. And it's a fight to get her out when bath time is over.
She loves the rain. She's begun to associate that donning her raincoat means that it is raining and that there will most likely be puddles to stomp.
And of course, she loves the swimming pool. Although not a fan of going underwater, or even laying her head back to get her hair wet, she loves being in the water.
This weekend, Sophie's daycare buddy James (pictured in our first day at the zoo) turned two and his birthday party was held at his Aunt Amy's house which came fully equipped with a pool. Sophie is also in her pack rat stage. You know, the stage where a toddler carries around with them as much as they can get their hands on and stuff in their pockets. You will see a recurring theme of many noodles. And second only to collecting noodles was her favorite past time of slapping Daddy in the face with said noodles.
In Sophie's defense, Daddy was kind of asking for it with the over-exaggerated howls he let out when she made contact.
With his Mommy and Daddy in China adopting his little sister Molly, Carson had been spending a week + with Grandma and Grandpa and without a whole lot of kiddy interaction. Since James' brother is 6 and he has many boy cousins around that age as well, I thought it would be fun to kidnap Carson for the day and let him enjoy some boy time. He had a blast running around with toy guns, playing soccer, and splashing around in the pool. We had a hard time keeping track of him. Here are some shots of Carson, mostly for Teresa's benefit (of Continuing the Journey) since she's far away and missing her little man.
The kids played hard, and didn't want to leave. Although, Carson was admittedly more cooperative than Sophie when it came time to get out of the pool. About five minutes into the drive home it got awefully quiet in the back seat.
But even though Sophie is true to her fishy sign - also Daddy's - there is definitely a wide streak of Mommy's Taurus Bull in her, too. Her stubbornness and non-morning-personness is definitely making it harder to rangle her off to daycare in the mornings....but that's for another post.