Thursday, August 20, 2009

Molly Dolly and the Pool

Last Friday evening, our family trekked to the Greater Cincinnati Airport to await the return of Teresa and Kevin with the new addition to their family, Molly. When we got to the de-boarding area, Sophie was very pleased to find some kids close to her age to play with. A rousing game of Duck-Duck-Goose ensued.
But wait, Mommy....Something's missing....
Yes, blankie had to join her. The game was short lived because the plane landed. As everyone huddled around the Exit to get a glimpse, Sophie used the opportunity of being lost in the shuffle to ditch something...
Notice a distinct absence of shoe? The shoe queen who's always trying to abscond with and wear Mommy and Daddy's shoes won't keep her own on in public. Go figure. As Molly was being introduced to her new big brother, Sophie decided to sneak into the circle and get a better look at what all the fuss was about. At one point in time, she even poked Molly in the chest to see what she was made out of.
Molly was a bit overwhelmed by the crowd and the attention, and the 24 hours of travel they had just completed, so we didn't get a chance to really hang out that night. On Sunday, Aunt Michelle had another pool party at her house to finish off summer since her girls started back to high school this week. It took a while for Molly to open up to us. Here's a picture of the crew trying to get her to join us in the pool.
Eventually she took the plunge.

Sophie getting some attention of her own from Aunt Michelle, G-ma and Aunt Nikki...

Sophie, do you smell something funny?
Sophie loves the water so much she generally has to be dragged out of it. Forget meals or naptime. Well, all the fun got the better of her....

And she fell asleep in the pool. G-Pa and Aunt Michelle just pulled the raft out and set in on the side of the pool and we covered her up with a towel. She didn't even seem to mind the ring that was under her head. She slept for a little over an hour like this. We all had a great relaxing time to end the summer. Thanks Aunt Michelle!

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Teresa =) said...

Thanks for posting those pics, Pookie! I snagged a few of 'em to use on my blog!

Sophia sleeping on that raft...does the phrase "It doesn't get better than THIS" ring true, or what?!

Teresa =)