Monday, August 24, 2009

Daddy Day Care

On Friday, August 14, Daddy got laid off. It was only a matter of time before the downshifted ecomony caught up with us, as it had to a large percentage of the American public, especially since Daddy worked for such a small family owned business. While some 8 month pregnant women might be freaking out about this development, we had the foresight to prepare a bit for this, and paid down some debt - including eliminating our remaning car payment. We have essentially downsized ourselves to be a one income family already. So while Daddy stays home and works on finding another form of employment, some very exciting home inprovement projects, and some personal artistic projects of his own, he is also taking care of Sophie.
As if they weren't already best buds, now, Sophie gets to see Daddy all day long. She's always been a good and happy baby, but her demeanor, her manners, her listening skills and her affection for Mommy have all increased dramatically during Daddy's work hiatus. Daddy seems alot happier, too. I've been able to switch my schedule, since I was the daycare-dropper-offer, to an earlier 7:30 to 4:30 schedule, but some days I try to work through lunch so I can even leave earlier and get back to my very happy home. I love spending time with you both, and am very pleased that you are getting this opportunity for some togetherness before little brother comes along. Selfishly, I even hope that Daddy doesn't find employment until the first of the year so that we can all take maternity leave together. I love you Stinky, I love you Husby, and I can't wait to meet you Eli! I'll leave you today with a photo montage of some of my favorite Daddy daughter pics over the last year and a half.

Can you tell what Daddy's favorite shirt was last summer?

Dearest Daddy had better be taking some pictures of the fun you guys are having at home together!!

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