Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feeling Beautiful

Although Daddy has a degree in photography, he doesn't often take shots of people. The cottontail, the smoke stack, the treads on a tank - these are the visions that inspire him. So, when it comes down to functions where it's not really convenient for Mommy to carry the camera, like my little sister's, (Aunt Nikki), wedding in May where I was a bridesmaid, we often just don't get any pictures. Well, I never thought I'd say it, but Thank You Facebook. Daddy opened up an account for us (something I've been very happy NOT to have as of yet) so he can keep in touch with our friends who've been addicted for years. While checking it today while I was waiting for a file to download at work, I came across my neice Ashley's photo page and some pictures she had of the big day. I absolutely love this shot of our little dancing machine. You're eyes are so beautiful, and definitely Daddy's.
When you're 7 months pregnant, you don't often feel things other than tired, fat, lopsided, and uncomfortable. I didn't realize how beautiful I looked at Aunt Nikki's wedding. Not to sound conceited or anything. I snagged some of my favorite pics of prego glam me, from both Aunt Nikki and Ashley.
Three of my four sisters - the fourth being the bride, and all four sisters with sister-in-law Tina.
And all six siblings together.
See...big can be beautiful :-)

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