Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Momma Bear and Baby Bear

Sophie LOVES being on Mommy's bed. Maybe because it's one of the few places that she can't climb onto on her own, or maybe because she's rarely ever allowed in our room. Regardless, any time I'm sorting laundry, I ask her if she wants to come and play on Mommy's bed.

Look how happy she is! Well, the other night Daddy went out with his friend Ken for some boy time and I offerred to let Sophie hang out with Mommy on the bed until he got home. After a quick tooth brushing - of which she is also quite a fan - it was time to hunker down for the night.
I just couldn't resist getting a shot of her leaning against Daddy's pillows and reading her book while I read mine. It was too cute. Sophie, give me your Top Model look...
Sophie, will you give your little brother a kiss?
Yes, that's my big ole belly that she dove into for a big smooch. I leave you now with a picture of her Goofy impression. Proof that no shoes, not even Daddy's, are safe from shoe-obsessed Stinky.

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