Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sophie's Coney Island Adventure

On Saturday, Aunt Michelle (or Shell as Sophie calls her) took our little princess to Coney Island for her work's Summer Picnic. Mommy was invited, too, but decided to opt out this time since that would be a whole lot of walking for an 8 month pregnant woman. We don't need Eliot to come just yet. At first Stink Bug was a little apprehensive of the situation.
But once she got out of the stroller and started making friends, she had a blast. Incidentally, Aunt Teresa also works with Aunt Michelle, so Molly and Carson were along for the day. Sophie and Molly were fast friends.
Then, she started to get to know her second cousin Hunter.... If she's this lovey on boys she's just met who she's related too, what's going to happen when she gets older and meets real boys? We may have to lock her up earlier than we thought....
Who could resist this face?
Showing off her dance moves...
And riding rides with her volleyball friend Talia.
All this fun sure wears a little girl out.

Thanks, Aunt Shell for including Stinkerbell in your family's Coney Island Adventure (and for the pictures).

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