Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soaking Up the Sun

Last week I had an unexpected day off with Sophie. It wasn't really off cause I had to work from home that day, but when I'm home, my eight hours can be spread throughout the day however I choose. So, Mommy got up early and worked for a few hours before Stinkerbell was even awake, and then decided to have a special lunch with Daddy - a real rarity since we work on opposite sides of town. After a quick bite at Applebee's, we jaunted over to the playground behind our local library to give Sophie some slide experience. She loved it!
Before heading back for naptime - for both of us...I LOVE when I can work from home - I got a quick shot of Sophie and Brandon. This one may be getting framed.
Next up....Family Vacation!

1 comment:

Teresa =) said...

Oh, yeah, SURE you were "working at home"...I never believed it when I heard you say it, and now we have photographic proof that your "work at home" days are just "goof off" days!!

Sure hope your boss doesn't know about this blog...

Teresa =)