Friday, July 24, 2009

A Lot Can Change in a Week....

....Especially in the life of a 17 month old. This week Sophie has started:
  • Saying words we had know idea she knew. Like balloon, puppy, black, white, purple, yellow, grass, etc. She strings them together into incoherent sentences and tells us stories. It's ridiculous and adorable.

  • Calling my growing belly 'Baby'. She kisses the baby, pats the baby, and even places her mouth against my belly to talk to the baby. Eliot, I hope you appreciate all of the love now, cause I don't think she'll be nearly as excited once she figures out what 'Baby' really means.

  • Eating with a spoon. She successfully ate more than half of a bowl of cheerios with milk using a spoon. Of course, when it got hard toward the end, she resorted to the good old standby fingers, but it's a step into littly ladyhood. She did much better which a fruit and jello cup, if you don't count the jello that I'm still pulling out of her hair, even after a bath.

I'm enjoying our time together more and more, and, while I'm anxious for Eliot to arrive and my pregnancy to be over, I'm going to really miss this Sophie-time. I feel like I don't get enough time with her as it is after working full time, and soon I'll have to split that time with her little brother.

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