Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rooming In

Last night, Stink Bug, while you were trying to fall asleep in the nursery, some jack*** in our neighborhood let off some fireworks. You were so scared, you didn't want to be alone. Mommy has always been firm in letting you cry it out when you were frustrated or angry, but these were tears of fear and screams of panic. Three times we tried to calm you down and get you to go back to sleep. Three times we failed. I couldn't let just let you be that scared.

Daddy offerred to sleep on the couch and you snuggled up with Snuffles, Glowy the Glow Worm and me in the big bed. I was so afraid that you'd fall out of bed or I'd roll over on you because I am such a sound sleeper that it took me hours to fall asleep. How silly of me to worry. Did you know you kick your feet in your sleep? Did you know that it doesn't matter to you what you kick, like mommy's face or your baby brother in mommy's belly? Did you know that mommy loves you so much that, although there was definitely an internal struggle, she decided NOT to pick you up and carry you to the bed at 2 a.m. so she could finally get some sleep?

Do you remember waking up and climbing up on my pillow to kiss my forehead and wake me up? Do you remember giving me a big hug when Daddy came in to start our day and bring you some milk?

So it wasn't all bad....but next time I may just try sleeping on the floor of your room for awhile instead. Or closing your window the entire months of June and July. I love you Stinky. Tonight you are sleeping alone.

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