Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swinging on a Star

What started as an occasional visit to watch her cousins play volleyball has quickly evolved into Wednesday night date night with G-ma and G-pa. Like most good dates, dinner is alwasy the beginning - normally at IHOP which is my folks' favorite restaurant lately. But on nights when there isn't a game, or the game is past Sophie's bedtime, Gma and Gpa have scoped out different spots to take Sophie. On rainy days, it is often a toy store. But on sunny days, they hit one of the many local parks. I got to meet up with them for one such date and Gpa provided me with some pictures of the event.
Here's Sophie and Gma trying out the toddler jungle gym behind our library.
But soon the Toddler side was small potatoes for her and she wanted to cross the parking lot for bigger and better things.Like SWINGS!! There is nothing like the joy in a kid's face when they are on swings....
Next, we hit the big-kid slide. This was much taller and a bit scarier for her (and us). She had more fun trying to climb back up it.
As game time neared, we headed back to the parking lot so Sophie and I could pack up to go home. Gma had to show off the new toy they got Sophie.Hopefully Eliot can work his way into date night once he gets here and gets a little bigger. They say that little ones don't have much memory, but when we tell Sophie she's going to see Gma and Gpa, she runs to the door and waits there for them. She gets so excited when they get there that we can hardly contain her.
I'll leave you now with my favorite picture of our library park adventure.

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