Thursday, January 15, 2009

Do You See the Family Resemblance?

Ever since Stinkerbell was born, I've been hearing "She looks just like Brandon." Personally, I just thought she looked like a baby, but the blue eyes, and blonde hair didn't help my cause at all. Of course my mother-in-law touted this claim, but of course she'd be biased. All my mom would give me is "She has your hands." I took solace in the fact that I thought Daddy was pretty darn cute, so at least it wasn't an insult, but now that Sophie is a little older I definitely see Daddy in her eyes, but from the nose down, She's a Duncan through and through.
My mom, who I never would have believed to be sentimental, saved all of my glasses from when I was a kid. While they've been lost in the moving shuffle for the past two years, Husby located them in a box in the basement a few days ago. I got my first pair at 18 months so I decided to try a little experiment. She DID NOT like this at first, but appeased Mommy enough so that we can have vote. Let me know who you think she looks most like.....
Mommy?? Daddy??
Or Lucky??Regardless of voting results, I really hope that the next one has dark hair and green eyes so they can look like me!!

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Teresa =) said...

Hmmmmm...she DOES look a lot like Mommy. But WAIT! Maybe Daddy...

Oh, who are we kidding?? She is a dead ringer for that cocker spaniel of yours!!!!!!!


Teresa =)

P.S. LOVE your new blog's perfectly you!