Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Challenge

I have Hashimoto's Disease. It's a somewhat rare type of hypothyroidism which is characterized by fluctuating T3 and T4 levels. Basically, this means that my meds are good and everything is going along fine and then BOOM!! You gain 10 pounds in a week and have to go back and do more bloodwork and get new meds again. This has put me on a lovely weight loss roller coaster than has fluctuated from 203 to 168 pounds and then back again. I actually had a 3 month period prior to my wedding where everything was consistent and I was able to diet and exercise and lose all of the weight, but wouldn't ya know it....I got pregnant on my honeymoon and was back at square one.

Me, with my gorgeous neice Meggie of 'Continuing the Journey' fame on the Big Day...which also happened to be my skinniest day in 5 years....Me and Husby, 7 months pregnant, and Me at Christmas.

The numbers don't mean that much to me, but the change in my appearance (and the thickness in my neck - I'm turning into Barney Rubble) make it obvious. As I was about to give up, I came across a book all about weight loss for the hypothyroid patient, written by Mary Shomon. There is a whole section in which she describes the problems many of us face while dieting and the special hurdles that a thyroidian (yes, I made that up) must jump to make it into Skinny Town.

I've been taking one of her recommended natural herbal supplements and while I have lost only two pounds, I have lost 3/4 of an inch in my waist, 1/2 inch in my tree-trunck neck, and 1 inch in the diameter of my baby pouch. Also, when I was updating my weight loss ticker I noticed that I had entered my height as an inch less than I am. Once that was fixed, my BMI tells me that today I am officially no longer obese, but just overweight. First hurdle down.....Skinny Town, here I come!!

For those of you that are new, the baby pouch is that fold-like pocket of fat that hits between your girlie parts and your belly button which, when you gain weight after having a baby, starts to resemble the Rolling Stones tongue. Measuring the 'baby pouch' involves putting a measuring tape around part of your butt as well, so it's not entirely a gauge of what happens in this specific body part, but could also indicate a lessenning of the derrier. Since I was asked once by a, let's call him 'special', co-worker a few years ago if I had any "sister" in me because my ass was starting to spread like one, I would be happy with a little bit less, either way. However, I will have to attribute this loss to the pouch, because instead of a fold, I have an out-dentation...kinda like how much I was showing at 3 months pregnant. Not the best, but better than the gravity-stricken deflated balloon of a stomache I had last week. I've included a picture of Fat Barbie below to illustrate the baby pouch for those of you still fuzzy on the idea.

Additional plus?? My cravings are curbed...I don't crave sweets at all, and I am able to eat for sustenance and not for pleasure. Also, the added energy boost is just enough to make me not too tired after work to be able to work out.

So, to anyone who is losing the definition in their neck, folding over their tummy, or training for the chocolothon olympic event on a semi-daily basis, I encourage trying, or at least getting more information on acetyl l carnitine with alpha lipoic acid. This combo supplement can be found at GNC stores or online.
My be able to chase after Stinkerbell and another little one someday without needing a daily nap, regardless of the number on the scale!! I do have to give special mention to my sweetie. His love and affection for me hasn't faltered at any weight that I have held. He even asked me if I wouldn't lose too much, because he liked me the way I am. I love you Brando.
And to know who you are... who has never been smaller than me, our entire lives, but now weighs 4 pounds less than I do.....YOU'RE GOING DOWN. I'm bringing my A game and my B lunch and we are gonna duke it out until the skinniest is left standing (probably because the fatter got winded and needed a nap) . If you aren't scared, competition ends at Nikki's wedding to see who is the smallest.

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Teresa =) said...

Oh, girl, it is ON!! I'll race you to Skinny Town, lap you while I'm there visiting, then race you back to my house in Crazy Town (where we both currently reside, whether we like to admit it or not).

Keep good tabs on me, 'cause I'm just gonna melt away before your eyes...

Teresa =)

P.S. Hilarious post! You crack me up, Sista!!