Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bad Hair Days

Sophie was born with a full head of hair. She's 15 months and has already had two haircuts. Poor thing lost all of the hair on the back and sides of her head by 6 months, but the top just kept on growing. She's finally caught up and her hair is getting really long. Long enough for piggy tails....
But the problem is that as it gets longer it gets more and more scraggly and hangs in her face and gets matted to her forehead when she sleeps. For the comfort of my Stinkerbell, we've been going to the Pebbles for naptime...which has been expanding to all weekend long sometimes. I've always hated the Pebbles and swore I'd never do that to my baby, but I've caved since it's so effective.
Oh yeah, and I was also sure I'd never let my kids run around in just a shirt and diaper, but that blew out the window, too.

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