Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Do You Do When....

....your daughter keeps stealing your shoes?
My clothes and shoes are stored in what will soon be Stinkerbell's room on the second floor of our house. To save myself the up and down, I bought a basket which sits by the stairs, and in which I put my shoes when I'm finished wearing them. When the basket reaches Mount Ve-shoe-vius proportions, I take it upstairs and put them all away. Lately Sophie has been absconding with my shoes and carrying them around the house, often times settling in the living room to put them on. Her favorites?? My many colored flip-flops. At least she always finds a matching pair, both in style and in color. It's super cute....until I want to wear a specific pair....
....your gorgeous daughter looks nothing like you??
That's not entirely true. She has my mouth, smile, hands, feet...but she's got Daddy's piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. All I ever get is 'She looks just like Brandon.' Well, Mommy learned the hard way that you shouldn't cut your hair while you are pregnant because my face has expanded like Violet Beauregard's. The wider my face, the more hair I wish I had. On a lark for my birthday, I bought some Jessica Simpson hair extensions to play with. I totally love them and wear them quite a bit. Sophie's Go-Go-Gadget arms don't seem to have a limit to her reach and one day I found her carrying around my fake hair. I thought we'd go with it, just to see what she looked like with dark hair.
She's definitely a blonde.

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Teresa =) said...

That last picture cracks me looks like she is actually in pain with that wig on!

She may look like Brandon, but no one can deny she got your personality. Is she quiet and pensive like Daddy? No way! She's an emotional, wild drama queen like her Mommy! Don't worry, Pookie, no one could deny she's yours!!

Teresa =)