Monday, June 15, 2009

Zoo Outing

Brandon's Aunt Sue bought us a wonderful Christmas gift, which we've been waiting months to be able to enjoy.....a family pass to the ZOO! The bad thing is, once it got warm enough to venture out, everytime we'd make plans to go it would rain or Cashew would make mommy too sick to enjoy it.
Well, after a long week in Indianapolis working on a project (and earning enough overtime to take Friday off) Sophie and I dusted off the pass and headed off for our first Zooey adventure last Friday. Since me taking the day off also meant that my best friend who helps me out with Sophie had the day off, we made a double family adventure out of it. We had a wonderful time. Too bad daddy couldn't make it.
Sophie loved the reptile house. It was feeding time for the baby alligators when we arrived and she loved looking over the side to get a peek.
A shot of Mandy (who is also 20 weeks pregnant and expecting a little girl) and James (7 months older than Sophie) from accross the pen.
In the insect house Sophie wanted to find out her weight in insects on the special scale. I don't really think she cared about the weight, just the climbing up and down off of the scale part. Incidentally, she weighs just over 4,001,000 bugs.
After a trip to the petting zoo, which was a little too hands on for mommy to be able to take pictures of, we headed over to see the giraffes and elephants. Clearly this was too much for Stink Bug.
But she perked right back up when it was time to go for lunch. Not being used to sitting so close to BFF James in the car, Sophie took the opportunity to show some love. He was a pretty good sport.
Next time, we promise, Daddy, we'll take you with us :-)

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Teresa =) said...

Gotta admit, I'd love to know how many "insects" I weigh...that is an interesting concept! Otherwise, though, you can have the zoo. I HATE it!! Too many hills, too much walking, too hot...bleccchhhh!!

Glad you guys had fun, though!

Teresa =)