Monday, June 15, 2009

Gimp Daddy

At Uncle Ted's high school graduation, Husby reaggravated an old paint-ball injury and ended up with an anke the size of my prego belly. After ice and some rest, the pain seemed a bit too reminiscent of the break of almost a decade ago and we made the trip to the emergency room to get some X-rays. We, of course, made it a family adventure. A Wendy's picnic in the waiting room led to a tour of the emergency room facilities.
By the end, both were pretty good sports and we got out pretty unscathed. And Daddy just had a bad sprain. He got to head home to put his foot up and on ice again while Sophie and I went to a picnic. Stink Bug was a total angel.
Daddy's now graduated from the huge storm trooper boot and now has a small brace that he wears under his gymmers, hopefully to be brace-free soon. And all is back to as close to normal as you can call us.


Teresa =) said...

Oh, I get it...Gimp Daddy! Funny!!

Only a blogger would think to make an emergency room visit into a photo opportunity...LOVE that!!!

Sorry Brandon is suffering. Let him watch some sports, will ya?!

Teresa =)

Debbie said...

Hey, he's home for 3 hours before I get home every day. He can watch all the sports he wants in that time :-)

Not a Basketball fan, only likes to watch Baseball in person...I'm safe until Fall.