Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Chores

Husby and I are quite in favor of the house appearance improving, character building, responsibility growing benefits of children having chores. Clearly, 15 months is too young to assign them. But it's not too young to be introduced to chores. I try to make Sophie a part of whatever chores I can so that she can see that they can be fun early on. I know, fun may be an exaggeration, but once I started including Stink Bug instead of seeing her as an impediment, I surely began to enjoy them more.
First off....cooking. Sophie loves to be my little mini-me shadow when I'm doing anything and the kitchen can be a pretty dangerous place for the climby, grabby toddler, so I gave her a pancake job which she seemed to enjoy.
She stirs up the chocolate chips (and of course steals some to eat) to keep them fresh while I'm cooking. She'll sit there for a good 30 minutes bopping to the music I always play when I cook (Stevie Wonder and Harry Connick, Jr.) and stirring her chips. And I like having her around to dance with and talk to.
Next.....Laundry. Sophie likes to be a part of the sorting process. She helps pull everything out of the hamper and then I have to hurry and sort faster than she can mix up the piles. Her favorite laundry items?? Daddy's socks which she likes to wear like a boa and......
Yes, you're seeing right. Mommy's bra's. Sometime she puts them on her head like a hat. Sometimes a scarf. Sometimes she just drags them around and I find them in strange places like her toybox or the dining room floor or tucked into the crevices of her stroller.
At least it's not Daddy's underwear....yet.

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