Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baseball and Dance Recitals

Friday, June 12, the social committee of our regional office (of which I am the President) organized a trip to the nearby Florence Freedom game. For those of you not from these parts, the Florence Freedom are a Minor League pro baseball team right on the upper edge of Kentucky. Being from Cincinnati and growing up with a Major League team in our backyard, I've always loved going to baseball games. But as I got older and started driving and paying for myself, the magic definitely started to wear off. An afternoon game could easily set you back $100 if you weren't careful and getting out of the parking lot could take hours. That is why I love the Florence Freedom. It's like a Major League ball park on a miniature scale. Your seats are either on the field or in a box. There are no nosebleed seats, hot dogs aren't $5 and you don't have to travel 30 mintues to get to a bathroom. And they really make an effort to engage the crowd with contests and promotions. The son of one of my co-workers got selected to wrestle in a sumo costume at the end of the seventh inning. We've had a blast everytime we've gone and it costs less than a date to the movies. We've even talked about getting season tickets.
One of my social committee chair jobs is to commemmorate our outings in photos. I'm only in family watching baseball. Stinkerbell, whose favorite past-time involves less ball and more stroller. She played the up/down game quite a bit.
We were in one of the private party boxes, which came complete with a pulled pork and hot dog buffet and......a visit from the 'Diva'.
Sophie was mesmerized and super jealous of the hair and shoes. She ended up giving the Diva a hug and a high five. It was soooo cute. The night ended with a fireworks display from the Rozzi family (the same Rozzi's from the Labor Day WEBN Fireworks on the Ohio River). It was awesome, but a little scary for Stinkerbell since we were so close to the fireworks. The loud noises pushed her into Daddy's arms where she watched them safely on her terms.

Saturday, Meggie had her last dance recital with All That Jazz. Sophie, who's taken to watching So You Think You Can Dance with me, came to support her cousin. She had to blow off some steam with Grandma outside the theater first...
But settled down like an angel to watch the dancing. She did a little dancing of her own from her seat and ended up falling asleep in Grandma Jane's lap during the second act.
Afterward, she pranced around the auditorium like a true dancer-to-be. Soon, Stinky. Soon I'll buy you some tap shoes...

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