Friday, June 19, 2009

Dear Stinkerbell

Mommy loves you....
...Even when you stick your hands in your messy diaper while I'm trying to change you.
...Even when you you eat your lotion.
...Even when you pour baby powder all over the hard wood floors and make snow angels.
...Even when you try to take Superman dives off of your changing table.
...Even when you use your teeth to gain leverage against my shoulder when trying to climb over me on the couch.
...Even when you grab a pile of clean laundry and shove it in the you did this morning...making Mommy late for work...
...Even when I have to say it through clenched teeth with veins popping out of my neck.
I love you.



1 comment:

Teresa =) said...

That list is EXCELLENT! Let me add one:

Aunt Teresa loves you...

...Even when you break my nose with your large head, doing damage to my cervical spine and requiring me to have neck surgery.

I love you, too!


(No, I will NEVER let her live that down!)