Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meggie Turns 16

My niece, and Sophie's cousin, turned 16 yesterday. My prenant brain forgot to bring her birthday card with me on Sunday when we had dinner for Father's Day, so it is being snail-mailed to her and is late....for probably the first time ever. To try and make up for my spacey brain (you'll understand when you have babies someday Meg!!) I've decided to post today about my niece Meg. Meggie has been less like a niece and more like a little sister. Mostly, because her mom Teresa -of Continuing the Journey - and I are so close. When I was young and single with lots of expendable income, I showered Meggie in gifts; taking her to the mall to buy us matching pajamas when I'd have a slumber party at their house, buying us fourth row seats at Beauty and the Beast when the Broadway tour came to town, buying racks of Disney movies so she'd be entertained at my apartments. When Teresa was in nursing school, Meggie and I spent every Saturday together for months painting our own pottery and having picnics on the patio at Panera. Meggie has always been a joy to be around, and is growing into quite a lovely young woman. When my husband told me two years ago that he wanted his 16 year old brother to be a groomsman in our wedding, it was a no brainer who he would be escorting down the aisle.

Meggie now watches my little girl occasionally (hopefully more now that she can drive....). I hope that they can one day have the relationship that Meggie and I had.
Happy Birthday Meggie!!

Does this make up for my card being late??

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Teresa =) said...

I don't know if it makes it up to Meggie, but I think it's swell! Great post, Pookie!!

Teresa =)