Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Everyone Looks Good in Hats

I do believe that I am one of the few that do, however. My first real job (where I stayed for seven and a half years) was at TGI Fridays, back in the era of suspenders and flair and crazy hats. I quickly found that a variety of hat styles suited me and love to go glam with hats when I'm on stage. My daughter, however, may just be one of the hat disabled.

Yes, folks, that's a Steak n' Shake paper hat that she was surprisingly willing to wear for about 15 minutes. Of course, I remember this photo and think that there may be some hat hope for the girl...
Lots fo things have happened since my last blog, so a little recap before the big Easter post.
First, my office is relocating. While we get paid for time that we spend packing up communal areas, we are forced to donate our own time to pack up our own offices. Sadly, the new space doesn't have as many offices, and in a company of lifers, my eight years actually has me as a low man on the totem pole. I, therefore, not only have to pack up my office - I have to downsize back to cubie-land. To give my husband and my brother in law a break a few Saturdays ago, I took Sophie and my nephew Carson to the office for a playdate adventure while I packed up and cleaned out. I had to explain to Carson that an adventure can happen anywhere that you visit someplace you don't normally go or do things you don't normally do. He decided that his adventure involved collecting any keys he found around (like for locking cubicle filing cabinets) and putting on Aunt Debbie's glasses and doing a prissy and not so favorable impression of me. I did happen to catch him being a bit big-brotherly when Sophie started to get hungry-sassy at lunchtime.
On the reading front....Sophie isn't ashamed of her new obsession with reading anymore. She's embracing it. Here she is lounging in her chair and reading (and tasting) her birthday cards.
On the walking front, she's doing quite well and picking up speed. She's mastered the art of the sit-stand transition from her camp chair.
And every Sunday morning when Daddy reads the newspaper, she needs to be a part of the action. Most of the time giving her an ad or book of coupons suffices, but sometimes, it's just not enough....
Happy news, is that Sophie has learned to give kisses. She comes at you saying 'mmmmm' and hits your mouth with hers. Much better than her former attempts which included a lot of tongue and drool. UUGGHH.
This must have been pre-sneeze. Not really sure what she was doing here if it wasn't.

Oh yeah....Sophie's figured out how to climb into her toy box. Hasn't quite mastered the getting out part yet, so the toybox is kind of becoming a new and better playpen - one she choses to enter without crying.

I'll leave you with a picture of Sophie napping with Grandma last weekend while she babysat. Next up...Easter!

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Teresa =) said...

Loving the new background! Sorry my son mocked you so and hid your glasses...Meggie has trained him well!

I'm thinking Sophia should lay off the hats and maybe stick to hairbows...

Teresa =)